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Justin Tyler Welsch (AyeAyeKapn)

Music Production…

My music interests stemmed from age 10. My father and I would have 1 hour producing contests to see who could make the coolest beat. After a few years I went from techno and who the hell knows what into making rap and hip-hop instrumentals at age 15. I soon started to play around with house music as a older teen. After turning 18 I started doing trap remixes and remakes as well as rapping to my songs. Where I am now at after turning 21 I have been making Deep House tracks as well as New Age Rap Beats.

Being a DJ…

Ever since I first placed my hands on a vinyl back as a kid I have always felt in control. I felt as if I was the beat master who was the life of the party. My first real setup was a DDJ WeGo2 with Virtual-DJ when I was a teenager. My next setup was a step up in size calling for the DDJ SB2 by Serato. Getting a feel for the DDJ and the computer setup felt natural to me. Feeling like I knew Serato well enough gave me the real push I felt I needed for my last step. I took the saying “Go hard or go home” to heart and purchased my next step up. By the creators of Serato and Pioneer I bought the DDJ SZ2. (Notice how I love DDJ’s?) I bought a bundle including everything a professional DJ would need for years and years to come.